The Guide To Making A Reservation At Baxter State Park

Going camping is a good idea for the next vacation, but have you made up your mind on where to go? How about a trip to Baxter State Park where you can relax and immerse yourself in nature?

Check out this article for a detailed guide on making a camping reservation at Baxter State Park. You will learn about the reservation fees as well as frequently asked questions.

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Camping Reservation Fees

Camping Reservation Fees
Camping Reservation Fees

Read the following part carefully to know the fees and how to pay it.

Summer Fees

At gatehouseEntrance fees (per vehicle)$15 (no fees for Maine residents)
Season pass$42
Camping feesSite transfers$15
Campground Tent-site or Lean-to$32/night
Backcountry Tent-site or Lean-to$21/night
Cabin fees2-person cabin$57/night
3-person cabin$78/night
4-person cabin$105/night
6-person cabin$135/night
Group areasGroup site minimum$48
Per person per night$8

Winter Fees

Camping feesSite transfers$15
Lean-to and Tent$17/night
Chimney Pond Lean-to$40/night
Chimney Pond Bunkhouse$38/person
Cabin fees2-person cabin$57/night
3-person cabin$78/night
4-person cabin$105/night
6-person cabin$135/night

Note: The exact fees must correspond with all the reservation requests. All fees include sales tax where applicable. Everybody can pay the fees all year round, except for the persons who do official business in the Park.

The Winter Fees
The Winter Fees

Park Headquarters accepts Visa, MasterCard, cash or check for summer reservations. Keep in mind that credit cards are not accepted within the campgrounds due to no electricity.

In general, refunds are not available, but the Director may permit refunds at his discretion.

Children age six or under can enter for free.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I make a reservation via the mail?

A: Yes of course.

First you need to print out the reservation form and fill it completely. Make sure you check the appropriate mail in date beforehand. Then, put the form in a self addressed envelope and send it. The request should be received within seven days before it is processed, so be patient.

Q: How do I make a reservation over the phone?

A: It is simple enough. Call the hotline: 207-723-5140 and request the reservation. But before making any call, check your camping dates in the rolling reservation chart first.

Park Headquarters will be opening five days a week from Monday to Friday starting from 8/4. It is open all week from Memorial weekend through Columbus weekend.

If your camping date is at the weekend before Memorial weekend, you can make your reservation on the following Monday.

Q: How do I make a direct reservation in person?

A: Visit our office at 64 Balsam Drive Millinocket ME 04463. And check the camping dates following the aforementioned guide.

Q: How many parking reservations can I make a day?

A: Maine residents who have a Maine driver’s license and registration can make a parking reservation at any time in summer from April 1st.

Non-residents can make a reservation up to two weeks prior to the date of the intended hike.

Both Main residents and non-residents can make 3 parking reservations at maximum per month.

Q: What are the reservation limits?

A: All camping sites come with a size capacity. Each child counts as one person regardless of age. If you want to bring more people, you should consult with the clerks first to make sure you stay within the restriction.

Each group of five or more will have only one visit to Chimney Pond Campground during the July – August period.

Q: Do I have to bring the reservation on the camping day?

A: Yes. You will need to present it at the gatehouse and the Ranger at the camping site, so do not forget to bring the reservation along.

Q: Can I transfer the reservation dates?

A: You are able to change the reservation dates with a $15 administrative fee by calling the office during office hours BEFORE the reservation date. After the reservation has been processed, you cannot transfer the dates and there will be no refund at all.

Q: What if I show up late for the camping reservation?

A: It depends. You may get in the site if you arrive late for some minutes, but after 8:30pm, you are not allowed.

Q: Can I bring more people to the site without informing the office?

A: Yes but you need to make sure the number of additional people does not exceed the maximum capacity of your site. Suppose the total number of guests is more than 12 people. In that case, you need to reserve an extra place at another campground or one in the designated group areas.

Q: Can I prepare my own firewood?

A: It is not allowed to bring your own firewood into the camping site as we worry about invasive insects. You can buy firewood at any roadside campground for $3 per bundle. We only accept cash or American checks, not credit cards since there is no Internet access or electricity in the Park.

Q: What facilities are there in the roadside campgrounds?

A: Each site is provided with a fire ring, a picnic table, along with a nearby outhouse. You should bring drinking water with you as there is no running water or drinking water in the area.

Q: When do all the campgrounds open?

A: All campgrounds open on May 15th except for the Chimney Pond campground and Davis Pond lean-to. These two campgrounds open on June 1st. Wassataquoik Lake Island opens from the second half of August, while Nesowadnehunk Field campground opens on the Friday in the Memorial weekend.

Q: What should I prepare and what I am not allowed to bring?

A: As mentioned above, the very first thing you need is portable water or some equipment to treat the water sources.

Second, prepare some cooking equipment such as a stove. Keep in mind that there are no restaurants in the park. You need to do all cooking on your own outside the cabin.

Do not forget to bring along a flashlight since illumination is required when going hiking.

There are mattresses in cabins and plywood bunks in bunkhouses, but other bedding is not provided.

All in all, this is a wilderness, so you should bring anything that makes the stay more comfortable, including cooking utensils, gas stove, bucket, towels, and many more. And remember to take out everything you bring in. Do not leave any trash facilities in the area.

Note that pets are not allowed in the area, so do not bring any in. Likewise, you cannot transport firewood into the park since it could spread tree pests.

You should not run the generators too, since they may ruin the silence and rustic feel in the campgrounds.

Last but not least, the Park Tote Road is quite narrow for large vehicles to maneuver. Therefore, large vehicles and recreational vehicles are not allowed to travel through.

Q: Are there any useful camping tips?

A: Yes, there are actually plenty of them.

First, do not just determine the site you want to camp. Instead, make a list and be flexible since you will not always be able to reserve the first place in your mind. Having some alternatives will help you in the process.

Also, you should read about individual campgrounds first to know the locations and features before making a decision. Being well-informed is key to not being disappointed or confused when getting to the destination later.

There will be some days when the reservation sites are full. In that case, do not feel too bad. You can always look for first-come, first-served campgrounds and try to arrive earlier to get a campsite.

It is best to call the specific park to be sure.

Unless you have a demanding schedule that you must keep up with, you can consider camp mid-week. These days are less busy than weekends, so you will have more chances of successful reservations.

Likewise, it will be easier to book less popular campgrounds than popular ones. For example, Southern coastal campsites can be already reserved year-round. My advice is to try some campgrounds that are away from metropolitan regions.

If your camping dates are close to some holidays (Memorial weekend, Labor Day weekend, or Fourth of July), it would be better to go further north and inland to avoid the crowd.

Camping is great, but if you cannot make a reservation, you can try other activities such as going on a picnic, hiking, and so on. It would be a great time to enjoy nature.

The Bottom Line

You should be able to make a reservation at Baxter State Park now. Make sure you have checked everything twice so as not to make any mistakes in the process.

Thank you for reading. If you have any questions, leave it in the comment box so that we can help you out.