Short On Time? What To Do

Have you ever struggled with time limits in your vacation? I guess at least one or two times, right? I’m here to be your supporter of time management and how to divide time wisely during your trip.

It often takes about 30 minutes to move from Millinocket to Togue Pond Gate. If you want to travel to Matagamon Gate from the town of Patten, it would be nearly 45 minutes in total.

The Park is appealing where it can provide us fresh air, wild forest, beautiful landscape,… This is the AWESOME place to run away from the “stressful” society and chill for a while!

In this blog, I’ll consider some probable advice for you to make use of your time better! Let’s move on!

The Suggestion of Appropriate Time Spent And Stopovers

You have two hours and looking forward to some places in Togue Pond Gate? Here are the recommendations:

Cranberry Pond:

The Cranberry Pond
The Cranberry Pond

In the Togue Pond Gatehouse, walk through the forest, you will find the Cranberry Pond. It is a small pond with a large variety of aquatic vegetation, beds of submersed,…

There are bog plants such as cranberries and sundew plants that cover the pond and have flame-colored.

Note: You should stand on the bridge to protect those little “cutie” plants and creatures. Also, it can keep your feet dry!

Togue Pond rental canoe:

Togue Pond rental canoe
Togue Pond rental canoe

There is a special offer for Visitor Centre and Togue Pond Gate staff: they can rent everything ranging from canoe, life vest to paddles for only 1$ per hour. It is AMAZING! Seize it NOW.

Imagine that you’re paddling on the Togue Pond, gazing at the Park and Katahdin, enjoy the slight wind,… How WONDERFUL it was!

All in all, Togue Pond has such a dominant view that you SHOULDN’T skip in your journey.

Caverly Pond:

Caverly Pond
Caverly Pond

You can park your vehicle on Park Tote Road, which is 1 mile from Togue Pond Gatehouse. Here, we can also see some deer that live near the pond edge. Sounds interesting, isn’t it?

Abol Pond Picnic Area:

Abol Pond Picnic Area
Abol Pond Picnic Area

Three miles from Togue Pond Gate, situated on the left, continue through employee housing down the hill to the end of the road. And then you’ll reach your destination!

Abol Pond is an area where you can have a picnic near the pond, which is really NICE! Bite some cookies and sip a cup of jasmine tea while enjoying the peaceful scenery. That would be ENOUGH.

There are many tadpoles and dragonflies at the pond and some sort of that which can interest the kids.

Abol Pond Culverts and Stump Pond:

Abol Pond Culverts and Stump Pond
Abol Pond Culverts and Stump Pond

A good choice for those who stuck in mobility restrictions.

The Abol Pond Culverts is about 2.5 miles away from the gate. It is probably the place for those who love taking photos, check-in, and post them on social media as the view is SPECTACULAR!

Stump Pond is approximately 2.5 miles down the road. One bonus point is that there is a parking lot with a trail to see the platform.

To sum up, the two stopovers above can solve the case that you are unable to move out of your vehicle. You can park your car in a single parking spot and have sightseeing in the wildlife.

If you have 2 more added hours (4 in total), and you move toward Togue Pond Gate, you should pay a flying visit at:

Daicey Pond:

Daicey Pond
Daicey Pond

It is 10.4 miles from Togue Pond Gatehouse. You are just allowed to park your car in the parking lot on a designated day. Do you want to sleepover? There is a campground with rental cabins on the hill.

You can walk down the hill to Big and Little Niagara Falls with a limited amount of time, which is a nearly one-mile hike down Nesowadnehunk from the campground.

I recommend hiring a canoe or kayak to go around Daicey Pond and sightseeing the Katahdin scene. You should go and pick up a guide if you want to hike the whole pond.

The Kidney Pond Campground:

The Kidney Pond Campground
The Kidney Pond Campground

At the north of Tote Road’s sign, winding through bottomland jungle and over Nesowadnehunk Stream, and the Kidney Pond Campground pop up right to you.

Hike about 0.6 miles, and you will reach the Big Rocky Pond, the Little one is a little bit further.

You have an enormous space to camp at this campground and have a barbecue at night (yeah). There is a canoe rental provided, pay for it just in case you’ve already checked with a local ranger.

Katahdin Stream Falls:

Katahdin Stream Falls
Katahdin Stream Falls

Katahdin Stream is the second campground on the Park Tote Road, 8 miles out of Togue Pond Gatehouse. Walk up the hill for a mile, cross the bridge at the foot of the falls to Katahdin Stream Falls.

Since Katahdin Stream is the trailhead for the Hunt Trail up to Katahdin, the parking area can be crowded in just a day! Don’t worry. The gate security will direct you to another hike.

Sandy Stream Pond:

Sandy Stream Pond
Sandy Stream Pond

Straight to Roaring Brook Campground, continue half an hour from Togue Pond Gatehouse. Roaring Brook is one of the Katahdin favorite trailheads, so that’s why parking lots are overloaded in the morning.

An event called “Moose Passes”, is good for three hours per pass and based on the quicker player at Togue Pond Gatehouse. If you approach quietly, you can also watch wildlife.

Note: Check out some sources for Wildlife Watching guidelines to obey, particularly in “Wildlife Area Only”.

Limited hours: 2, going through Matagamon Gate, you should stop at:

Horse Mountain:

The Horse Mountain
The Horse Mountain

It is 0.6 miles faraway from the gatehouse. The trail is quite hilly, within 1.2 miles, you can find a sign to the Horse Mountain. This is a must-visit station. You should bring junk food, water, and a camera!

This place is absolutely for bird watchers and those who are interested in bird species. They can seize the chance to hear the birds chirping and take some picturesque pictures of the bird as well.

You can see the birds at Grand Lake Matagamon, or there are plenty of Turkey Vultures that live on the cliffs of Horse Mountain, which can suffer from hard thermal and generally ride the updraft of warming air.

Trout Brook canoe exploration:

Trout Brook canoe exploration
Trout Brook canoe exploration

It takes us 2.6 miles west of Matagamon Gate on the Park Tote Road to end at Trout Brook Campground.

At here, you can hire a life vest, paddles on the porch of the ranger cabin. The price is reasonable: $1 per hour. Canoes are moored near the Group Camping Area, on the bank of Trout Brook.

Warning: The launching spot is slippery and unstable, be CAREFUL when you activate your canoe.

When canoeing at Matagamon Lake, the flow of water is stable and safe. So don’t worry if you are a BEGINNER. There is numerous wildlife such as ospreys, great blue herons, moose,…

Overall, this is worth your time visiting since it is a combination of many exciting activities, and you can also see eye-to-eye with a lot of animal forage and feeding out around.

You have four hours and entering or leaving via Matagamon Gate, then try some recommendations below:

South Branch Pond Campground:

South Branch Pond Campground
South Branch Pond Campground

It is approximately half an hour to move from the gate to the South Branch Pond Campground and the camping area. There is a small parking area for South Branch Falls, which is located on the way.

There are tilted rock and the Falls within a stone’s throw from your car. You can have a picnic there with your family on weekends in such a primitive and natural area. There is also a parking spot near the campground.

If you want to hike, South Branch Nature Trail would cater to your needs,  bring a guide pamphlet for the trail. Or you can walk in a shorter trail to stop at the Ledges, sightseeing over the pond and picnic area.

Canoes and kayaks rental services are available here, too. The price is the same as the rest of the Park: $1/hour with life jackets and paddles gave.

Plus, if you need help, don’t feel embarrassed to ask the Park employees. They always enthusiastically help you everywhere and every time!

In general, South Branch Pond Campground is the top place on your list to visit with rustic and peaceful scenery. A canoe tour can make your experience a whole more joyful.


To sum up, everything that has been stated is some of the choices for you in a short trip. It can make the most of your limited time and help you to be closer to nature. You should purchase a guidebook to avoid getting lost.

Hope that you guys enjoy your trip (many hugs)