Katahdin: Parking Capacities And Hiking Trails!

Parking Capacities At Trail Heads

Are you wondering about the place to park your vehicle? Or you don’t know how many cars that the parking lot allowed? I’ll address your question.

Parking lot at Katahdin Trailheads

Parking lot at Katahdin Trailheads
Parking lot at Katahdin Trailheads

You can book a DUPR (Day Use Parking Reservation) for Katahdin trailheads placed at Abol, Katahdin Stream, and Roaring Brook.

The system can be used to save the Katahdin trails and mountainous areas by preserving trailhead parking lots and removing doubt and concern to drive in a favourite path.

Opening time: Usually from 6 a.m to 10 p.m

Reminder: limited vehicle size allowed and strictly forbidden motorcycle riding on the park trail.

Now, I’ll provide you a table of Katahdin trailheads for a better vision:

Trailhead parking lotParking spacesTrails accessed
Abol16Abol Slide
Katahdin Stream25The Hunt trail (also known as A.T.) and the Owl
Roaring Brook35Chimney Pond Trail, Saddle Trail, Cathedral Trail, Dudley Trail,… and to name but a few

Restriction of day use vehicle

Restriction of day use vehicle
Restriction of day use vehicle

Because of parking capacities and reducing the impact of trail depletion, day use has been restricted. Visitors and travellers can hike and do other activities as an alternative.

Hiking can be a great opportunity for you, though. You can close with nature, stay away from the hustle and bustle of the world in such a wild place.

During the peak season, particularly in July, August, and fall weekends, Katahdin trailheads can be crowded in the early morning. In favor of that, you can choose a mountain or pond trail instead.

Let’s have a look at parking lot capacities and some details related:

Roaring Brook

With 35 cars allowed and 42% crowded days reported in 2005, Roaring Brook is in the top 1 capacity.


Abol can be loaded with 16 vehicles, which is quite limited. This parking lot has 15% filled in the same year with Roaring Brook.

Katahdin Stream

Katahdin Stream
Katahdin Stream

It is estimated that 25 cars can park in this area and 17% filled 16 years ago.

Kidney Pond

Give permissions at 18 automobiles. It is not a famous place though, with 2 % of days closed up.

Slide Dam and Nesowadnehunk Field

These two parking lots share the same capacities cars allowed at 8. The percentage of days filled in Slide Dam and Nesowadnehunk Field are 1 and 0,  respectively.

Burnt Mtn and Dwelley Pond South

Burnt Mtn and Dwelley Pond South
Burnt Mtn and Dwelley Pond South

Have the same statistic at three cars and 0% of days filled in, relatively “modest” and “humble”.

Trout Brook Farm, Daicey Pond, Ledge Falls, and Abol Beach

Split the same amount of 12 vehicles allowed with 1%, 16%, 3%, and 0% days closed up subsequently.

Nesowadnehunk Picnic area

Properly a second large parking lot at 30 cars. But the fact is that there is ZERO percent of filled days back to 2005.

South Branch Pond and Togue Pond Beach

South Branch Pond and Togue Pond Beach
South Branch Pond and Togue Pond Beach

These parking lots can load 24 cars limited. South Branch Pond owns 2% of crowded days while Togue Pond Beach is 0%.

OJI Trailhead, Grassy Pond, Wadleigh Brk Trail, Horse Mtn, Rum Pond Trailhead (Rum Picnic Area), Dwelley Pond North, and Fowler Pond

They are ranging from 2 to 6 numbers of cars allowed and sharing the same 0% of days filled.

Hiking Katahdin

Hiking Katahdin
Hiking Katahdin

Have you ever travelled to Katahdin mountain? Well, it is a famous mountain that attracts many tourists, and you shouldn’t miss it. Katahdin also sparked new interests in many people like hiking, climbing, taking photos,…

In this category, I’ll discuss hiking in Katahdin. So let’s go!

Tips and recommendations

Before hiking, make sure that you check the weather conditions
Before hiking, make sure that you check the weather conditions
  • Planning your trip! It is really IMPORTANT since it can help you imagine how your trip looks and everything you need better. Besides, planning in advance can assist you in staying away from many potential risks.
  •  ring a map or guidebook, it is a must-have item that provides you routes or trails, and you will not get lost. Or you can download the given map.
  • Before hiking, make sure that you check the weather conditions, whether it is BAD or not, to prepare everything carefully or call off the plan, anyway!

If you’re actually hiking in bad weather, NEVER continue upwards since the weather gets even worse at higher heights.

Never continue upwards since the weather gets even worse at higher heights
Never continue upwards since the weather gets even worse at higher heights

Additionally, you can hear the weather forecast every morning at some places: Togue Pond Gatehouses, Visitor Center, and Katahdin trailhead campgrounds.

  • As you know, 70% of a human body is water, so how can you hike and have NO water to drink? That’s CRAZY and INSANE! Please carry at least 2 liters of water.

Caution: Natural water sources at Katahdin are not reliable and drinkable in dry weather, so you have to test and treat them before drinking.

  • It would be best if you packed some essentials like food, clothing, first aid, flashlight,…
  • When you decide to start your hike, ensure that your physical health is OK with that since it is a strenuous climb.
  • If you are going in a group or organization, stay with them, hike with them and say NO to separate the group.
  • Last but not least, tell about your trip with your buddies or family. It could be where you are going hiking, who you go with, when you will arrive,…

Katahdin Trails

Katahdin Trails
Katahdin Trails

Next, I’ll show you some details about trails in Katahdin mountain with the following table:

NameTrail measureElevation gainInformationDifficulty levelTrailhead Parking lot
Abol Trail3.4 miles(1 mile added to Baxter Peak). Total measure: 4.4 miles3,982 ftAbol trail is the fastest and shortest road to Baxter Peak from the roadside. The Abol Slide was relocated in 2015 due to the fact that soil and stone movement on the slide increased many dangerous risks to hikers. And the new place was the ridge to the west of the slide with stability and constant, adding a picturesque view on the steep area. When you hike after the first mile, water is defined, and the trail is uncovered after 2.5 miles. Once you reach Tableland, you can “keep in touch” with the Hunt Trail for the last mile.Very StrenuousAbol Campground
Hunt Trail (Appalachian Trail)5.2 miles one-manner4,188 ftHunt Trail is known as the famous trail to conquer Katahdin. There are many fabulous and exceptional sights such as the Boulders on Hunt Spur, the traverse of the Tableland, Katahdin Stream Fall,… along the trail.Very StrenuousKatahdin Stream Campground
Helon Taylor Trail3.2 miles one-wayTo Pamola Peak: 3,413 ftThis trail connects Roaring Brook trailhead and Knife Edge trail at Pamola Peak, giving the hikers the straightforward route to the desired destination. The Helon Taylor Trail is hazardous and risky, so do NOT hike in bad weather conditions.Very StrenuousRoaring Brook Campground
Dudley Trail1.3 miles one-sidedTo Pamola Peak: 1,988 ftStart at Chimney Pond campground. This trail is shorter in comparison with Helon Taylor Trail. However, it has a steep which is quite hard to reach Pamola Peak. Dudley Trail is located above the tree line. Lastly, there is NO water in this trail, so you know what to bring, don’t you?Very StrenuousRoaring Brook Campground
Cathedral Trail1.5 miles one-way. If you want to reach Baxter Peak, it would be 1.7 miles in totalTo Baxter Peak: 2,353 ftCathedral Trail is the shortest trail from Chimney Pond to Baxter Peak. Along the way, there is a Saddle Trail with an additional 0.2 miles to conquer the top of Baxter Peak. There are three large rock buttresses; that’s the reason why it’s so hard to climb and reach the peak. Additionally, the climbing is entirely above the tree line. The sad news for all hikers is that there is NO water in Cathedral TrailVery StrenuousRoaring Brook Campground
Saddle Trail2.2 miles one-wayTo Baxter Peak: 2,353 ftSaddle Trail is longer than Cathedral one simply because it is not very steep and prefers gradual ascent. You can arrive at this trail 0.8 miles from Chimney Pond campground. When you reach Tableland, it would be difficult since there is a 0.2-mile slide, so it is slippery to move on. Furthermore, hikers can struggle with many obstacles such as rocks, gravel,…StrenuousRoaring Brook Campground
Knife Edge Trail1.1 miles one-mannerFrom Pamola Peak: 365 ft.

From Baxter Peak: descend 365 ft

This is the most dangerous and challenging trail. The evidence is that many people passed away or severely injured when hiking in this “death” trail in bad weather. For that reason, you should consider your health and endurance when attempting this trail. Hiking Knife Edge across and back is a no-no due to its hardness and time wastes: about 1 to 1,5 hours one-way. You can hike at Knife Edge Trail from the Hunt or Abol trail and end at Roar Brook Campground. In addition, there is no shuttle service provided.Very StrenuousRoaring Brook Campground
Hamlin Ridge Trail1.5 miles one-sided1,837 ftThe trail starts on the North Basil Trail, which is 0.7 miles from Chimney Pond Campground. Hamlin Ridge is a long open ridge with many fabulous views for hikers to keep cheerful memories. The trail ascends a long hill to Hamlin Peak, descends at Caribou Spring and the Northwest Basin Trail. Unfortunately, Hamlin is not the trail to reach Baxter PeakStrenuousRoaring Brook Campground
Chimney Pond Trail3.3 miles one-way1,425 ftDue to the name, this trail can take you straight to Chimney Pond Trail. This trail is a wise choice for all hikers since it is gradual and moderate. Most of Chimney Pond is covered with rocks. You can find some water sources here!ModerateRoaring Brook Campground