1. When can I make a summer camping reservation?
Start by checking the rolling reservation chart. The earliest you can make a reservation is 4 months or less prior to the start of your desired camping trip. Example: If you want to camp 5 nights starting July 5th, then your reservation would be processed on March 5. It is important to read the rules and regulations thoroughly, because there are no refunds.

2. How many reservations can I make each day?
Two (2) reservations per person per day. Example: reservation 1- camping 5 nights at Katahdin Stream campground starting on July 5th and reservation 2- you also want 5 nights of camping over at Abol campground for the same 5 nights.

3. How do I make a reservation through the mail?
Print off the reservation form; check the rolling reservation chart for the appropriate mail in date. Fill out the form completely and provide as many choices as you can. Follow all instructions on the form to ensure we have all of your information. Include a self addressed envelope. Your request may be mailed so we receive it no more than 7 days before the day it can be processed. If it is received earlier, it will be returned.

4. How do I make an online reservation?
Check the rolling reservation chart for your camping dates. Click on the Park reservation system. Log In or create an account and follow the directions. The following campgrounds and sites CANNOT be reserved with the online system: Chimney Pond and Russell Pond Campgrounds, Wass Lake Island lean-to, Davis Pond lean-to, bunkhouse spaces, accessible sites and group areas (Bear Brook, Foster Field, Nesowadnehunk Field, and Trout Brook Farm). Call 207-723-5140 if you are having problems.

5. How do I make a reservation in person?
Check the rolling reservation chart for your camping dates. Park Headquarters is open from 8-4, Monday –Friday, and then 7 days a week from Memorial weekend through Columbus weekend. When using the rolling reservation system (Jan 16- June 16th) and your camping date coincides with a Saturday or Sunday before Memorial weekend when we are closed, the earliest you can make your reservation in person would be the following Monday. Address: 64 Balsam Drive Millinocket ME 04463

6. How do I make a reservation over the phone?
Check the rolling reservation chart for your camping dates. Park Headquarters is open from 8-4, Monday –Friday, and then 7 days a week from Memorial weekend through Columbus weekend. When using the rolling reservation system (Jan 16- June 16th) and your camping date coincides with a Saturday or Sunday before Memorial weekend, then the earliest you may make your reservation over the phone would be the following Monday. Reservation phone line: 207-723-5140

7. Do I need to bring my reservation with me?
Yes, please bring your reservation form and present it at the gatehouse and to the Ranger at the campground where you will be staying. If you are camping in the backcountry, please carry the reservation with you.

8. May I get a refund or transfer my reservation dates?
Once your reservation has been processed, there are no refunds. You may call the office to transfer your reservation to different dates or site(s) during our office hours for a $15.00 administrative fee, (Visa and MasterCard only). Be sure to call us BEFORE the original reservation date. If you are not sure what dates you want to transfer to, we will cancel out the old reservation and hold your information in our transfer book until Oct 15, the end of the camping season, after which the reservation is invalid.

9. Do all the campgrounds open on May 15?
The following campgrounds open later than May 15 - Chimney Pond campground and Davis Pond lean-to open June 1, unless we have an unusually high snow year. Nesowadnehunk Field campground opens the Friday of Memorial Weekend (May 24 2013). Trout Brook Farm campground opens the first Friday of opening week (May 17 2013). Wassataquoik Lake Island lean-to opens on August 15.

10. What is the largest group size allowed in a campground?
12 people maximum is the largest group size for all campgrounds in the Park. However, we have (4) four group areas located throughout the Park for all groups of 13 or more people. The group areas and their maximum capacities are: Bear Brook -3 sites (#1,#2,#3) each hold 14 people; Foster Field- (3 sites) #1 holds 12 people, site #2 holds 13 people, and site #3 holds 25 people; Nesowadnehunk Field- (3 sites) #1,#2,#3 all hold 16 people, and Trout Brook Farm- (4 sites), #1 holds 8 people, #2,#3,#4 all hold 14 people each.

11. Do campers need a Day Use Parking Pass (DUPR) to hike Katahdin?
No, but let the campground Ranger know of your plans the day/night before your intended hiking day. They can provide information on weather and trail conditions and suggest a starting time to leave for the trailhead.

12. May I arrive late for my camping reservation?
To show respect for quiet hours and other visitors already in their sites, campers showing up at the gatehouses after 8:30 pm will not be admitted.

13. Site capacity, may I add extra people to my site without calling the office?
Check your reservation form for the maximum capacity of your site. You may add additional people up to that capacity. If there are more people than the maximum capacity, an additional site will need to be reserved, keeping in mind that the group size limit in any campground is 12 people. Once the number of people in your group exceeds 12, you will need to reserve a site at another campground or in one of the designated group areas in the Park (see #10).

14. May I bring in my own firewood?
No, Due to the possibility of introducing invasive insects, we ask all visitors to leave their firewood at home whether it came from within Maine or from out-of-state. We sell firewood at all the roadside campgrounds for $3.00 per bundle, cash or American check only.

15. May I use a credit card in the Park?
Because there is no internet access or electricity in the Park, we cannot accept credit cards once you are in the Park. Baxter Park headquarters in Millinocket accepts Visa or MasterCard over the phone or in person.

16. What type of facilities do you have at the roadside campgrounds?
Each campsite has a fire ring (except Kidney Pond), picnic table, and a nearby outhouse. There is no running water, drinking water, showers, phones, or electricity. Please treat all water sources in the Park or bring drinking water with you.

17.Why is it important to read all the Rules and Regulations?
When Governor Baxter purchased the land that comprises Baxter State Park and deeded it to the State of Maine, he stipulated that it be kept “Forever Wild”. The Park is not part of the State Park System and therefore, has some special regulations meant to preserve and protect this special gift, just as Governor Baxter wanted. The rules and regulations are designed to ensure an enjoyable and safe visit to the Park.