Ice Fields in Basin
Ice Fields in Basin

Baxter Park in the winter is a truly wild, beautiful, challenging and at times, unforgiving landscape. We provide lots of useful advice and recommendations in our Winter Visitor Policies & Procedures and an overview of winter use can be viewed on our Winter Use Map.Distances to various destinations in the Park can be found on our Winter Mileage Chart.

Day users are encouraged to check in at Park Headquarters in Millinocket to find out the latest information on trails, access, weather, and avalanche conditions. Roads in and near the Park are not plowed during the winter months and the nearest access points are located outside the Park and are several miles from major trailheads.

Below Treeline: Individual day users should sign in and out at Park Headquarters or at the self-registration boxes located at Park entrances.

Skiing and snowshoeing: You can find excellent ski touring and snowshoeing near the major trailheads, but it is very difficult to reach any of the summits in a single day.

Snowmobiling: Snowmobiling is permitted only on the Park Tote Road, which is not groomed. There are no warming huts, fuel sources, or other facilities along the route. The speed limit is 20 mph. Please use caution as the Park Tote Road is a multiple use area and there may be skiers/snowshoers traveling throughout the Park.

Above Treeline: Winter mountain hiking/climbing: Parties planning to winter mountain hike or climb (travel above treeline or off marked trails, including ice or snow climbing) in a single day are subject to the same registration process as winter campers. Please read the Policies & Procedures for Winter for more information. Permission for winter mountain hiking or climbing can not be granted over the telephone. Very fit skiers traveling in ideal conditions may be able to ascend Katahdin via the Abol Trail in a single day, but this is generally impractical because day users expecting to travel above treeline are required to register with the Park seven business days prior to the date of their climb. There are few if any ice climbs that can conveniently be done on a day-use basis, although there are a few moderate ice climbs near the Park Tote Road, such as those on the southeast side of Doubletop Mountain. (However, these routes also require crossing Nesowadnehunk Stream.) Winter Day Use Above Treeline Permit.