The Weather and Hiking in Baxter State Park:

Current Weather:

Weather Forecast

We recommend that Baxter Park hikers use available weather forecasts and honest judgments regarding their own skills and abilities to determine their hiking plans for the day and to make decisions on the trail that will ensure their safe return to their car or campsite (hikeSafe). Katahdin and Traveler Loop hikers are advised to be prepared for rapid and possibly severe changes in weather, including changes in wind speed, precipitation and temperature. Temperatures and wind speeds on the Tableland of Katahdin are often substantially different (windier and colder) than trailhead parking lots and campgrounds. Hikers should always consider that hiking in the Park means hiking in wilderness and hikers are responsible for ensuring their own safety – rescue and assistance may be many hours away.

Baxter State Park uses the Caribou Forecast from the following website for local Park weather: www.erh.noaa.gov/er/car. All users of Baxter State Park are urged to call or stop at Park Headquarters in Millinocket, or the closest occupied Ranger Station, for weather forecast information

The Park Uses a color code to classify
winter weather conditions:

One outdoor thermometer and one wind chill chart are recommended equipment for winter camping parties.