Parking Capacities at Trail Heads

Parking lot capacities at Katahdin Trailheads:

Beginning with the 2010 season, you can make a Day Use Parking Reservation (DUPR) for Katahdin trailheads located at Roaring Brook, Abol or Katahdin Stream. This system continues to protect Katahdin trails and the fragile alpine habitat by maintaining parking capacities at each trailhead parking area while removing the uncertainty of acquiring access to a desired trail.

Togue Pond Gate hours: Generally 6am to 10pm

(Note: Park Rules limit vehicle size and generally prohibit motorcycle access on Park roads)

Roaring Brook
35 parking spaces - trails accessed are Helon Taylor Trail, Chimney Pond Trail, Saddle Trail, Cathedral Trail, Dudley Trail, Knife Edge and Hamlin Ridge Trail, S. Turner Mtn.
16 parking spaces - trail accessed is Abol Slide
Katahdin Stream
25 parking spaces - trails accessed are the Hunt trail (or A.T.) and the Owl.

Day Use Vehicle Limits

Day use has been limited to the parking lot capacity at each campground, trailhead and picnic area in the park. This is not to preserve the parking areas, but to minimize impacts of overuse on the trails. Once a parking lot is filled to capacity, that trailhead is considered full and visitors should choose an alternative hike or activity in the Park. Please do not drop off hikers or park along the road and walk back to trailheads that are already full. Many times, the “secondary” choice becomes a favorite, as these less used trails provide more opportunities for solitude and wilderness, away from crowded areas. The Park has never filled all of the parking lots at once and, around smaller trailheads, spots will open up throughout the day as visitors hike shorter trails or picnic for a few hours and continue on. During our busy times (July, August and fall weekends) Katahdin trailheads can fill for the day early in the morning, but there is always an alternative mountain trail or pond waiting for you to explore just up the road. Park use has eased up in the last few years and, on most days, visitors will find many open trailheads.

Parking Lot Capacities

Day Use/Trailhead Parking Lot Capacities # Cars Allowed % of Days Filled in 2005
Roaring Brook 35 42%
Abol 16 15%
Katahdin Stream 25 17%
Kidney Pond 18 2%
Slide Dam/ Marston 8 1%
Burnt Mtn 3 0%
Trout Brook Farm 12 1%
Daicey Pond 12 16%
Ledge Falls 12 3%
Nesowadnehunk Field 8 0%
Nesowadnehunk Picnic area 30 0%
South Branch Pond 24 2%
Togue Pond Beach 24 0%
Abol Beach 12 0%
OJI Trailhead 6 0%
Grassy Pond 5 0%
Wadleigh Brk Trail 4 0%
Horse Mtn 2 0%
Rum Pond Trailhead(Rum Picnic Area) 2 0%
Dwelley Pond North 5 0%
Dwelley Pond South 3 0%
Fowler Pond 4 0%
Kettle Pond Trailheads
Tote Road 2 0%
Caverly/Rocky Pond 2 0%